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They Had Big Plans for the Lockdown. This Is What Happened.

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As the pandemic drags on, some of us who had grand plans for self improvement as we sheltered in place are tearing up those to-do lists.

Indeed, Sewmark Sewing Machines, a store in the garment district, sold three times more machines this spring than a year earlier. Karen Lozner, 51, the founder of the Karen School of Fashion, noticed in March that fueled by fears of a shortage of masks, people began signing up to learn how to make them. And some, like Mr. Kallo, she said, “are staying with it. While they’re not working, they figure it might be nice to learn how to fix their pants.”

Or maybe, to expand their waistband for the extra “quarantine 15” pounds that some have packed on despite early stabs at exercise.

In April, interest for yoga classes surged, with about a third of sign-ups being first-timers, said Tori Milner, 48, an instructor at the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York, which went online after closing its Manhattan and Brooklyn studios.

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KSOF Named Best Virtual Summer Camps for NYC Kids

KSOF Voted ‘Best Virtual Summer Camps for NYC Kids’

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We’re excited to announce that Karen’s School of Fashion was voted one of the best virtual summer camps for New York City Kids by the editors at Red Tricycle!

For the Budding Designer: Karen’s School of Fashion

Karen’s School of Fashion is holding weekly online camps for kids ages eight to 12 from June 22 to August 14. Each week has a new theme (“Project Runway Inspired”, “About Time: Fashion Duration”) that enables students to transform an idea into tangible form. (Yes, you need to have, and be familiar with, a sewing machine.) Kids will learn about a featured designer, imagine and sketch a clothing collection, learn to make patterns and finally sew a garment or two. Camp ends with a fashion show on Friday to showcase the creations. Call or e-mail before registering to confirm there is space.





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School moves from making fashion to face masks

School Moves From Making Fashion to Face Masks (APP.COM)

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Typically, students at Karen’s School of Fashion spend their time learning the ins and out of dress sewing and design.

But with her classes transitioning online during the coronavirus crisis, owner Karen Lozner decided another task would take priority: making washable cotton and polyester masks for health care professionals.

“First and foremost, we need to protect our doctors and those in the medical field,” Lozner said. “If you don’t take care of the doctors, how are they going to take care of the sick?”

Karen’s School of Fashion has locations in Marlboro, Little Silver and Manhattan. About 25 to 30 students, ranging in ages from teenagers to adults, will each make about five masks at home by the end of the week, she said.

Lozner, who opened the business in 2012, designed the masks herself. They’re made from cotton on the outside and polyester on the inside. Last week, she showed students how to do it.

“If we don’t have the supplies at hand, we made them out of whatever supplies we had at home,” Lozner said. That could mean pieces of fabric from cotton sheets and polyester from pillows.

The masks are not the same as the sought-after N95 masks in demand right now, but they are helpful for other uses, she said. “They do offer some protection,” Lozner said. “We’re not making any claims they are N95.” But they can be worn over a N95 mask, she added.

She also made sure they can stand up to being washed and sterilized, Lozner said.

Masks made by Karen's School of Fashion (Photo: Courtesy of Karen Lozner)

Masks made by Karen’s School of Fashion

She has already distributed masks to the doctor’s office and will send out more when her her students have them ready.

“I don’t think people really understand how deep this and how much we are all in this together,” Lozner said. “We can make a difference if we do this together.”

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On Set at KSOF NYC!

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On set at Karen’s School of Fashion in NYC to film a scene from Art Fisher and Moshe Lobel’s Untold Genius, a new original series.


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KSOF in Forbes

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